Barbara Perry Associates | Barbara Perry Associates
Barbara Perry, author of the book Putting Hope to Work, is a pioneer and advocate for team-based ethnographic methods as a source of discovery to fuel innovation. Her programs include the Esmeralda Mountain Retreat and Ethnography Master Class.
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An Opportunity to Reflect, Reframe, and Nurture Your Growth in a Learning Group You Create.

Master Class

Thirty-five years of experience synthesized into a 3 day experiential learning journey.

The WHAT: Mini-deep dive from start to finish – real content, real people.
The HOW: Team Discovery Process
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Putting Hope to Work

A visionary book by Barbara Perry & Harry Hutson

There are 5 principles that matter deeply in terms of whether people feel hopeful at work. They translate directly to day to day behavior and process choices. Know what they are and why they matter.

“If you are a leader, know that hope can be a potent force in your favor. And it’s yours to give.”