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Principles are universal. But real world learning can only happen by creating processes grounded in particular cultures, situations, and goals. Happily, I have enjoyed many long term relationships with companies and with individual clients.


Cadbury Schweppes


Fannie Mae

General Mills


Hershey Foods



Johnson and Johnson


Kraft Canada

Masterfoods USA


National Tabletop and Giftware Association



Procter and Gamble

Rich Products

S. C. Johnson

Starbucks Corporation


Wells Fargo


“The ethnography work which Barbara led was extremely powerful & valuable. It moved our team from one that was often going through the motions of consumer connecting to a full business team that came to deeply internalize, understand & appreciate our consumer. The insights gained through this process have stood all of the team on stronger consumer understanding ground regardless of whether they be brand managers, R&D folk, or accountants. We’ve all come to realize through this process that if we truly understand our consumers & their whole lives better, our business benefits & results follow.”

Christopher Luxon,
Regional Category Vice President – Unilever, North America

“The whole system approach adopted and led by Barbara was highly effective.  She effortlessly led, through the structure of the agenda, including storytelling and engaging each person in two work groups, one peer group and one cross functional, to create a truly empowering experience for each of us.  We left the two days better informed as individuals and united by a common commitment.  The cross functional work group I was a part of continued to connect for well over a year and had both a profound impact on the company’s immersion process as well as functioning as the support group for several individuals when they stretched to the next level in their careers.  Barbara is a highly skilled facilitator who quickly establishes an empathy with the group and their objective.”

Cliff Burrows,
Starbucks Corporation, Group President, U.S., Americas, and Teavana