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Putting Hope to Work

by Harry Hutson and Barbara Perry

Speakers / Consultants / Workshop Leaders / Provocatueurs

Known for their groundbreaking work on hope in organizations, Harry and Barbara are international speakers, authors, and con-sultants to Fortune 500 companies, startups and nonprofits. They inspire audiences with their unique and practical message, and they enjoy rolling up their sleeves to help leaders change the culture of their organizations in hopeful ways.

Harry and Barbara speak to a central but not often addressed need that we all face regularly in our work and lives: How can we cultivate that most essential foundation upon which anything of value must be built – hope.

Researchers have shown that hope works in medicine and sports, in politics and religion. What Harry and Barbara contribute is an in-depth and pragmatic understanding of hope in the workplace, developed over their 60 collective years of working with organizations and validated through their extensive research. Their approach, drawing on principles that catalyze and sustain hope within individuals and organizations, unleashes positive aspects of the human spirit at work.

Bringing to life the five principles of hope through storytelling and vivid examples, Harry and Barbara invite their audiences to reflect on what they can do to make their workplace a more energetic and hopeful environment. Inspiration, motivation, and self-assessment combined with concrete how-tos create a compelling experience that puts hope to work.

Amazon Reviews

In their book, Putting Hope to Work: Five Principles to Activate Your Organization's Most Powerful Resource, Harry Hutson and Barbara Perry identify, and help us understand the inspirational value of Hope in the work place. While often thought of in the realm of vague spirituality or wishy-washy Pollyannaism, the authors clearly demonstrate that Hope, and its value within thriving, achieving organizations is anything but wishy-washy!...
– Caroline W. Melberg, Amazon Customer Review
If you have been turned off by other books on positive psychology, be assured that you will love this one. It was well-researched over a period of ten years. There is empirical data gathered carefully by the authors as well as relevant references to sages from Aristotle to Friedman. A true gem.
–Gilbert Steil Jr., Amazon Customer Review
A practical guide which maps out an excellent strategy for any organization, business, or venture. In clear and engaging style the authors show how to improve one's personal relationship to work, family, and community. Intelligible on every page, this books works for those with time for a complete, sit-down reading and also for strap-hangers between subway stops. Here is deep thinking and personal experience applied with a spiritual attentiveness to true challenges. The reader is educated to think realistically about present problems, hard facts, and tough dilemmas in the rubric of uplifting hope. Hope is investigated as the best antidote to fear, and the authors avoid all of the swamps of New Age mushiness. Hope will put us on track. Bravo!
–David L. Townsend, Amazon Customer Review